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Protein Hydrolysate is an excellent source of energy for plants. This one part additive may be used in all applications including hydroponics, soil, and foliar sprays throughout the plant’s life cycle. Protein is used in addition to your normal fertilizer program and is simple. Protein enhances nutrient uptake and transport within pants. Protein enhances photosynthesis within pants and increases metabolic growth. 

Directions for use: Add 1/8-1/16 Tsp per gallon of water

When and where to use:
Ideal for indoor and outdoor crops year round. Applications include hydroponic systems, NFT, DWC, aeroponic, soil, coco, and foliar feeding. Apply every other watering. 

Storage: Store in a cool, dry, dark place.

Guaranteed Analysis

Amino Acid powder 45% 1LB

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